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Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Starting out the new year fresh is on everyone's mind this year, and the season for spring cleaning will be here before you know it. We put together some ideas for getting the exterior of your home shined up and ready to take on whatever 2021 brings with a polished off look. Be sure to check out the quick reference guide (located at the bottom of the post) we created to help you examine your home and determine which, if any, changes should be made.

Squeaky Clean

Pressure washing your house may seem like a daunting task if you've never done it before. However, it makes a huge difference in curb appeal in a short amount of time. If you want some guidance on how to go about pressure washing in a way that's effective without removing paint or damaging anything, check out this how to article courtesy of Lowe's. It does an excellent job of preparing you for pressure washing your home's specific exterior types.


The windows of your house make a bigger impact than most people realize. Creating details that compliment them and make them look finished can really polish off their impact.

Shutters are a huge way to add a pop of color or just a more finished look. Adding shutters can be as inexpensive as a few dollars per window, and you'd be amazed at what a can of paint can do for some older, faded shutters.

If you have a green thumb, adding flower boxes can be a beautiful addition to your windows. If your thumb isn't any shade of green, or if you don't want to mess with the maintenance of flower boxes, a great hack is to buy fake plants at a craft supply store to fill your boxes. We recommend getting higher quality fake flowers with a waxy coating since they still have to endure some of the elements and a confused, hungry critter or two. From the street or the sidewalk, you'll have the best kept flowers in the neighborhood!

Adding trimming to your windows and even your door helps to frame them and draw your eye to them. Thickening the existing trim or adding embellishments are just two ways trim can be modified.


As we mentioned with shutters, you would be amazed at what a can of paint can do! Painting your door a new color or just freshening up the existing paint is an inexpensive way to get a good as new look. Painting the trim can also help to freshen up the windows and door.

Finishing Touches

Adding these design details will provide that polish off and bring together the look of a home. If you've ever been to an open house, you'll notice striking differences between a new construction home with fresh mulch and a clean exterior and a home that has been lived in that may have a few imperfections. However, you probably also noticed a cute doormat, a decorative wreath, or some seasonal flowers that gave the lived-in home the true "home" feel rather than just being a house.

Some of the things to consider as finishing touches around the door or front porch are wreaths, doormats, potted or hanging plants, a flag, and seating or furniture. You also may take a look at your mailbox, house numbers, and lighting to ensure they look their best and serve their purpose well. Creating symmetry with items like plants or seating is important to create a more visually pleasing exterior.


Keeping a well maintained lawn is a great way to improve upon your curb appeal. Putting new mulch around trees and in beds around bushes or flowers can greatly help to improve the look of your home without requiring a green thumb. Trimming and shaping bushes and trees can really give a polished look that shows attention to detail. Adding a pop of color with flowers is always a fun way to make your home warm and inviting, and we won't tell if you use our fake flower trick from above!

DIY or Pro?

Many of the ideas above are easy weekend DIY projects, but there are certain elements of your home's curb appeal that we strongly recommend enlisting a professional to do. There's a small margin for error and a higher risk of self injury with these projects that may make you end up spending more in the end from having any mistakes fixed after you spent time and money attempting to do it yourself. Some of the biggest contributors to curb appeal include replacement of windows, siding, roofing, and any posts or columns. All of these are crucial to the structural integrity and the protection of your home, so we always recommend using a professional, licensed and insured contractor. Some less daunting home improvements that may still require more skill and experience than realized at first include railings, concrete, gutters, gutter covers, and downspouts. Another thing to consider is if the project requires a knowledge of building codes and necessary licensure and permits. A reliable contractor will be able to tell you what is required for your project and ensure it passes any inspections needed. Items such as decks or patio covers may seem like they could be built by a less experienced crew, but often this means corners are cut and the proper permits and inspections are not completed, which can become a big issue in the future.

If you are interested in any of the home improvements mentioned in the "DIY or Pro?" section, please give us a call or send us a message to set up a free consultation and quote. We would love to help you with your home's curb appeal!

Curb Appeal Guide by Merrell Home Improvement

Want to take a closer look at your curb appeal? We created a quick reference guide to help you determine what you want to work on and what you may want to add. There's even room to write down anything you notice and to keep track of any ideas you may have. We love hearing from you, so let us know if you use it!

Curb Appeal Guide
Download PDF • 428KB


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