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Revamp your outdoor area with our high-quality patio covers installation services. Whether you want to create a tranquil patio on your deck, add a chic outdoor pergola for shade, or install a patio cover for a luxurious backyard oasis, our skilled team has you covered. Don't settle for a basic porch when you can relax under a stylish and practical porch sun shade. Our nearby patio installation guarantees fast and easy service, making your outdoor dream space a reality. 

Protect Your Patio and Deck with Merrell Home Improvement's Premium Patio Covers

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Trust Your Home to

Merrell Home Improvement

From pergolas to patio covers, our goal is to provide you with the best outdoor solutions. Our commitment to quality shines through in our use of durable materials, such as aluminum patio covers, ensuring your investment withstands the test of time.

Experience exceptional service from Clarksville TN's most trusted patio company. Our team of experts specializes in creating backyard patio pergolas, outdoor patio designs, and stunning outdoor patio covers that will impress your guests and provide the perfect ambiance.

Enjoy the great outdoors all year round with our outdoor decks and patios. Our outdoor canopy and covered outdoor pergola solutions offer the right amount of shade, giving you the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

“Great company to work with. We are happy with the work, product, and the professionalism of their various teams of experts.” -Barry

Stick Built Patio Covers

Stick built patio covers are the most customizable type, made to look as if they were original to the house. Our team will carefully match your existing siding, roofing, brick, or any other materials to ensure your patio cover matches flawlessly. They can utilize various colors, styles of roofing, and architectural features. We can also add features such as skylights, ceiling fans, and other lighting options.

  • Custom built and constructed on site

  • Created to match existing roofing, siding, gutters, etc

  • Built as an extension of your home that looks original to the house

  • Sturdy design and incorporation into foundation or existing structure

  • Supports electrical

  • Can be converted to screen and window enclosures

  • Able to be customized more than manufactured styles


Insulated Patio Covers

Our insulated patio covers are premanufactured and assembled in panels to provide a custom space for your deck or patio. A variety of colors are available to ensure your patio cover matches the style of your home. Added features such as IllumaView Panels, that allow for natural light while still providing protection from the elements, and end cut options allow for even more personalization. We can also add features such as skylights and other lighting options.

  • ​Superior insulated core, housed by two heavy gauge aluminum layers

  • Complete protection from nature’s elements

  • Superior protection from the outdoor heat

  • Reduces sound created by heavy rainfall

  • Resistant to insect infestation

  • Condensation and radiant heat barriers

  • Will not rust, warp, crack, or rot

  • Supports screen and window enclosures

  • Options for gutters and leaf guards

  • Supports weight, ceiling fans, and UL electrical raceways

  • Low maintenance

  • Poly-carbonate materials are impervious to discoloration or cracking

  • Filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays

  • Transferable lifetime manufacturer warranty

  • Options for IllumaView Panels allow for natural light while still providing protection from the elements

Patio Cover Insulated Solaview

Rhino-Pan Patio Covers

Rhino-Pan is a specialty treated insulated patio cover that can span a longer range and provide added strength.

  • 3" insulated solid riser pan

  • Superior strength allows it to span further than traditional patio covers

  • Ideal for carports and patio covers

  • Silicone-polyester paint finish

  • Never repaint: no fading, chipping, chalking, or rusting

  • Available in wheat and white finishes


Ready to talk about your new patio cover? Contact us to get a free consultation and quote!

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