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7 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Cozy for Winter

Winter is not officially here yet, but with the constraints of 2020 including quarantines and lots of time at home, the restraints of cabin fever during the colder months seem all too real. If losing the use of your yard or outdoor space sounds like a loss you are not ready to take on, we have some options and ideas for you. Not only will they extend the amount of time spent enjoying your outdoor space, but the year-round use will extend the amount of living space in your home and the overall value of it.

1. Patio Covers

The addition of a roof over your space is the biggest way to provide protection and a living space that can be optimized for each season.

2. Fire Pits and Heaters

The addition of a fire pit or space heater obviously provides warmth, but it also creates a centralized space to gather around.

3. Lighting

Adding on lights helps to enable the evening use of any space despite earlier sunsets in the colder months.

4. Grill or Barbecue

Switching to warm foods and things like hot chocolate and coffee can make eating outdoors with the heat of a warm grill a different and fun dining experience.

5. Cozy Accessories

Add furniture to your space that is weatherproof and made of high-quality, heavy materials. Keeping blankets or cushions in a waterproof deck box will keep them dry and avoid any damage.

6. Add Scenery or Some Fun

Investing in a yard game, such as cornhole, or even a board game to play by the fire pit adds usability to your space. Having something to provide entertainment will increase the interest in and time spent there. Adding flowers that bloom in winter or faux plants with pops of color adds a visual aspect that keeps you interested and makes your mind think the weather is closer to spring than it is.

7. Enclose Your Space

The most expensive of these options, but the one with the most usability is to convert a space into an enclosed room. Screen rooms provide the ability to still feel the outside weather or breeze. Sunrooms go a step further and provide protection from any weather while still enjoying the views of the outdoors. Many, including our Eze-Breeze rooms, include windows that can easily be opened for sunny days and kept closed for enjoyment during even the harshest winter storms.

The addition of one or a few of these will provide a more enjoyable and useful outdoor space as the weather gets colder. Call or submit an inquiry today to find out more about what we can do to help with your outdoor living space!


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