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Saving While Spending Time At Home

Spending more time at home these days? Check out our top 5 tips for keeping your utility costs down!

1. Unplug!

Turn off or unplug anything that uses electricity while you’re not using it. Known as “phantom” or “standby” power users, these items can add up to a small, but noticeable percentage of your energy bill.

How do you know which items are using unnecessary electricity when you aren’t using them? Take a second look at are the ones with remotes or a timing function. That TV in your guest bedroom that won’t get used until family visits for the holidays? Go ahead and unplug it. The coffee machine that’s programmed to have your coffee ready just before your first call of the day? Maybe leave that one plugged in. Removing unnecessary phantom power use from several items can certainly add up over time.

2. Check your temperatures!

Turn down the thermostat just 1 degree. It makes a difference in the amount of energy used to heat your home, and you most likely won’t feel any difference.

Ensure all registers/radiators in your home are not blocked and are able to circulate air easily. This avoids your heating unit having to work even harder to achieve the desired temperature.

Turning your dryer on a lower heat setting also uses less energy, reducing your cost. If you’re concerned about fully sanitizing your clothes, washing in hot water should do the trick and, if possible, bleach provides another means of sanitizing.

Since we know weather in our area can change drastically from week to week, avoid making dramatic changes in the temperature of your home or switching from heating to cooling frequently. Using fans rather than turning on your full unit can save costs and be just as effective for your needs.

3. Rates can cost you!

Check to see if your utilities have different rates depending on the time of day. If you can make your routine fit to where you’re not using your electronics during peak times for costs, it may make a noticeable difference over the course of a month. Things like running your dishwasher overnight can be both convenient and cost effective.

4. All of the lights!

Switch to LED bulbs to reduce costs over time.Be sure to turn out lights in rooms you aren’t using too.

Will a small lamp provide adequate light for your work space rather than full use of overhead lighting? You may want to try switching light sources.

5. Save water!

We’re all concerned about keeping clean and practicing good hygiene more than usual right now, but you should keep a few things in mind. If you have a dishwasher, it does a better job of cleaning and sanitizing, and it uses less water than hand washing your dishes. Remembering to turn the water off while brushing your teeth or during other activities where water isn’t being actively used can contribute to saving water as well.

During these times of uncertainty, we urge all of our customers and friends to stay safe! We are still operational and are utilizing social distancing and proper protective means to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We thank you for the opportunity to help and serve our community!


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