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Outdoor Living, Indoors- Your Three Season Sunroom Guide

Whether you call it a Florida Room, a Sunroom, or a Solarium- a three-season outdoor addition will quickly become your favorite room. How do you know if a three-season room is the best choice for your home addition? What are the benefits of installing a three-season sunroom? Keep reading to learn more about all the benefits of adding a sunroom to your home.

What is a three-season sunroom?

Unlike a room addition or a four-season sunroom, a three-season sunroom is not climate controlled and relies on large windows and natural light to create an outdoor living space, indoors.

Three-season sunrooms can be constructed on a deck, a concrete slab, or a patio. The enclosure can be enjoyed in spring, summer, and autumn. Depending on your cold tolerance, you can also spend time in your outdoor room during the winter months.

Three-season sunrooms are great additions for expanding your home's useable space for entertaining, dining, crafts, and so much more.

How will a three-season sunroom benefit you?

Enjoy the outdoors-Because the three-season sunroom is completely enclosed, you can spend the majority of the year in your sunroom versus an open-air screen room or patio cover.

Savings-Three-season sunrooms cost less to build compared to a room addition or four-season sunroom, and they won't increase your heating or cooling costs because they're not manufactured for yearly heat

Protection-Three- Season sunroom floor-to-ceiling windows and doors allow breezes to flow thru and when closed, the UV-protected Vinyl protects your floors and furnishing from fading without compromising natural light.

Privacy-Vinyl three-season sunroom panels are customizable so you can choose your privacy level by the colors of the sunroom windows. For example, if space requires more privacy and shade, choose a darker tint color. Vinyl tint colors include: clear, smoke gray, bronze, and dark gray.

Easy To Maintain- Vinyl panels were designed with ease of cleaning in mind. With vertical 4-track panels, homeowners can lift a vent panel and have it fold out for simple cleaning.

Customizable- If you want an enclosed patio to look like part of your home, you have choices. With an aluminum-extruded mainframe that comes in multiple colors, you can make your enclosed space look like it is part of your original home. Frame colors include white, beige, bronze, pebble khaki, and black.

Understanding the importance of materials is a great place to start when considering bringing the outdoors inside with a new sunroom or sunporch. With this knowledge, planning your project and building the sunroom of your dreams is the next step.

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