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Welcome To ‘No Excuses’ Quality Control.

Every Job Has A Final Inspection By A Project Manager.

Quality Control

No business can claim to never make mistakes or to never run into a problem. Every company is made up of people, and people can make mistakes.

But here’s what matters:

1. What does a company do to make the chances of issues almost zero?


2. How does a company respond when there’s a customer concern?

At Merrell Home Improvement, we have systems in place that guarantee that you’ll get quality installation and service from us.

Supervised Work & Project Manager Final Inspection

We’ve seen it with other home improvement companies. They will “sell” a job, and then send in sub-contractors and tell them to get it done. No supervision and not their own crews. And no project manager to sign-off that the job is done and done right.

Here’s what you get with Merrell Home Improvement and why we’re different:

Experienced Installers who work for us and know our superior standards. A lead installer/supervisor will make sure the installation is flawless.

You also can count on the fact that EVERY project receives a final inspection from a project manager. If he finds something that is done below our high standards, it gets fixed. Immediately. Even if it is something the homeowner would probably never notice.

These built-in ‘Quality Control’ processes makes it very unlikely you’ll have any concerns.

Concern Or Question? Call.

But what if you do have a concern?

Then call us. And feel free to go straight to the top if you want to. Our owner loves talking to homeowners and getting feedback. You can also contact your project manager. Our whole team is interested in your complete satisfaction.

We promise a fast, appropriate response to your question or concern. We never skimp on quality or accountability. It’s that attitude that’s kept us in business since 1989.

If you need to let us know about anything, call us at 866-647-7316.