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You Can Get The Best Products With Lifetime Warranties.

Lifetime Warranties

If you get to know Merrell Home Improvement, you’ll learn something important about us:

Whenever there is a choice between ‘cheap and fast’ versus ‘value and quality’, we always choose the quality and the best long-term value. Always. Always. Always.

Why We Install Products With Lifetime Warranties

Our commitment to deliver the best value instead of “cheap” is why we install products with lifetime warranties.

The biggest advantage of a Lifetime Warranty is the ‘peace-of-mind’ that comes from being protected should something be defective or wear out too soon.

But there are 2 other important reasons we like to install products with lifetime warranties.

For one, a lifetime warranty says that the manufacturer is confident about the quality and durability of its product. We only want to partner with companies that have the same philosophy as we do: stand behind what you do.

The other advantage of a lifetime warranty is that they are usually transferable at least one time. This can be a nice extra selling point if you end up moving for any reason.

Get It In Writing

Whether you select Merrell Home Improvement for your project or not, we suggest you always get a copy of your warranty in writing and understand the details.

With us, that won’t be a problem. We’ll give you the warranty with all the details and answer all your questions.

We’d love to talk more with you about your project and the available warranties on the products we install. Contact us to get started.