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EVERY Installation To The Highest Standards.

No Excuses, No Exceptions.

Best Installers

There are many reasons we have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers accumulated over several decades in Middle Tennessee home improvement.

But one reason really stands out: we never, ever take shortcuts during installation.

It Starts With The Team We’ve Built

We have spent a lot of time building a team that has been trained to our superior standards. Our methods have been honed over decades and we insist that every one of our installers learn our processes.

For example, when we are screening people who want to join our window team, we always start by asking them to “explain to us how you would install this window.” We listen, and then show them the Merrell Home Improvement way – the one with super high standards and a craftsman attitude. Only those that can understand and live these standards can join our team.

The Top Installation Team In Middle Tennessee Home Improvement

Here are 3 more reasons our installation is better:

#1: Accountability.

First, your project will have a lead installer or supervisor. This experienced craftsman will make sure every detail is right and that nothing gets overlooked.

We take it a step further and have a project manager assigned for every job, big or small. And no job is considered finished until that project manager has done a final inspection. He has full authority to have any part of the project done over. If he discovers that any detail has been overlooked or if any of the work is sloppy, it will be corrected immediately.

For more details on our accountability, please visit our Quality Control page.

#2: Pay & Treating Our Installers Better.

If you want to have the best team, you have to pay and treat them better. And that’s exactly what we do.

High turnover is a plague in the home improvement industry, and it is the homeowner that ends up paying the price in the form of lower quality work.

Our philosophy is to invest more in our team, and keep the very best. That’s why we measure our retention of installers in years of experience, not months. We have many employees who have been with us for a decade or more!

#3 Friendly & Polite.

There’s one more important component to the quality of the installation experience for the homeowner. Do the installers understand they are guests at your home?

Our installers do – we insist on it.

Inappropriate language or loud talk? No, never. We also don’t allow grumpy attitudes, loud radios, or rude behavior of any kind.

We are also careful to respect your property. For example, if we are working on windows, we are careful of flowers and other landscaping as we work. And we always clean up after ourselves.

These little things might not seem like a big deal to some, but to us it is about the respect due to the homeowners that have hired us.

Do we sound like your kind of home improvement company? We’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote.