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The Risk-Free, Superior Choice In Tennessee Home Improvement

Why Choose Us

Let’s face it. A lot of contractors don’t last long before going out of business. There are different reasons why – poor installation standards, failing to respond to customer concerns, disorganized job scheduling – but the bottom line is that very few home improvement companies stand the test of time.

This leads to bad results for homeowners. The poor experience is bad enough, but even worse is there is no one to call if there’s a problem later – they’re out of business.

Merrell Home Improvement is the exact opposite of all of that – we’re the proven choice. Middle Tennessee homeowners have been trusting us with their projects for over a quarter century. We are the local, rock-solid company with the superior quality standards.

Top Reasons To Choose Us

Best Installation

We’ve worked hard over the last 25+ years to train and retain the best installers. Our crews pay attention to the details, never take shortcuts, and have a “pride-in-craftsmanship’ attitude.

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Quality Control

We have experienced and well-supervised installation crews. We also have a final inspection done by a project manager on EVERY job.

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True Needs Assessment

We promise to listen to you and find the right solution for YOU. Taking the extra time to do a true needs assessment means you get exactly what you want. Read more…

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Lifetime Warranties

We only recommend and install top quality products because cheap products are a poor long-term value. The products we install have lifetime warranties. Read more…

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Would a payment plan help you? We have options that make it easier for Middle Tennessee homeowners to invest in home improvements. Read more…

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Go with the risk-free, proven home improvement company in Middle Tennessee. Call us for a free consultation and quote.