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LifeRoom… Amazing Technology Brings
Indoor Comfort To Outdoor Living.

Middle Tennessee Homeowners LOVE LifeRoom.


We’ve been adding outdoor living spaces for Middle Tennessee homeowners for decades, but LifeRoom is the most exciting choice we’ve ever been able to offer. If you’re looking to add more fun and comfort to your home, there’s no more unique choice than LifeRoom.

Simply put, it is the most amazing use of technology that we’ve ever seen to bring the comforts of indoors to outdoor living.


LifeRoom - What Kind Of Room Is It?

LifeRoom isn’t just one kind of room. It’s everything from an outdoor, open-air covered patio to a climate-controlled room with privacy and comfort. You are in control of what it is from moment-to-moment with the touch of a button.

Let’s look at the available functions you can control:

✓ Remote Control Screens

Too hot, too windy, or too “buggy? LifeRoom’s fully automated retractable shade screens are quiet and can be raised or lowered independently of each other to give you total control.

✓ Soft Breeze Technology

If the air is too stifling, create your own refreshing breeze at the touch of a button.

✓ Cool Mist Climate System

Sometimes a breeze isn’t enough to keep you cool. That’s when you turn on the Cool Mist Climate System and create the perfect temperature for you. This system is so effective it can reduce the room temperature up to 40° F.

✓ Soothing Mood Lighting

Create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation… this is your space!

✓ Pollen Guard

This guard filters out up to 99% of most pollens and allergens.

✓ Glazed Skylights

These beautiful skylights provide natural light from above and also filter out up to 95% of harmful UV rays.

And there are even more customized options available… we can walk you through all your possible choices!


There’s One More Thing That Makes LifeRoom Extra Special.

You can get a Home Theater with On Demand Projection Screens & Cutting Edge Surround Sound. Want to enjoy a movie with the whole family? Or invite friends over to watch the ‘big game’? There is no place better than LifeRoom. This entertainment system is state-of-the-art and is seamlessly integrated into the LifeRoom experience!

Quality Materials & Precise Installation

LifeRoom is built to last from quality materials and comes with precise installation. It is fully-backed by a top warranty in writing.

What To Do Next

Are you intrigued by LifeRoom but still aren’t sure it’s for you? That’s understandable because LifeRoom is so unique. The best way to discover more is call us and we’ll set-up an appointment to answer all your questions.

There’s no pressure and no-obligation, so call to schedule now!

LifeRoom is where state-of-the-art technology meets total comfort.