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DrySpace Solid Pergola System- Affordable and Durable!

Sun-Soaked Pegolas For Middle Tennessee Homes – Usually We’re Done In 1 Day!

Solid Pergola

Are you’re sick of maintaining your wooden pergola, but love the traditional look?

Do you want to soak up the sun, and keep your patio dry?

You don't have to settle anymore!

We’ve got the solution that costs less and lasts much, much longer than a traditional pergola.

DrySpace-Finally, A Durable Pergola With No Maintenance!

DrySpace was created to help homeowners enjoy the look and feel of open air lattice, and natural sunlight with full rain protection.

Solid Pergola

Why Middle Tennessee Homeowners Love Their DrySpace Pergolas:

A Great Choice

In summary, this is a great option for updating your outdoor space:

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