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Our Customers & The BBB Gives Us Great Feedback

We’ve Built A Remarkable Reputation In Middle Tennessee
Over 25 Years


You can’t fake a great reputation – at least not for long. Maybe some companies get away with it for a short period of time, but eventually ‘word-of-mouth’ and BBB complaints catch up with poor contractors and they go out of business.

We’re the exact opposite of an unstable contractor with a lousy reputation. Homeowners who want a proven Middle Tennessee home improvement company can look at our actual reputation (and not just what we say about ourselves).

Our track record gives you plenty to look at because we’ve been in business for more than a quarter century. We’re not even going to try to guess how many other Middle Tennessee home improvement contractors have come and gone in that time!

Instead, we’ll just point you to our reviews, our references, and our stellar record with the Better Business Bureau. Click ‘Read More’ below to see more about our reviews, our references, and our A+ Rating with the BBB.

Our Reputation Since 1989:


Our customers love the ‘Merrell Home Improvement Experience’ and the results on their home. We know because that because they’ve been telling us that for 25+ years.

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The best way to know what working with a company is really like is to talk directly to their customers. Ask us for references – we’re an open book.

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Better Business Bureau

The best-know, most-respected consumer watchdog organization in the country says we’re an A+.

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Go with the risk-free, proven home improvement company in Middle Tennessee. Call us for a free consultation and quote.