Patio Covers

Contrary to what the name suggests, patio covers are not just for patio areas.

They can create cover in a variety of areas such as entryways, walkways, breezeways, or in the form of a carport. Any area where you want to provide additional coverage and protection from the elements is sure to benefit from one of our many styles of patio covers.

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Types of Patio Covers

One of our favorite suppliers of materials for outdoor living spaces is Four Seasons Building Products. We have a long standing relationship with this company and have seen how their products perform and withstand through the years. They have multiple types of pre-fabricated patio covers that one of our salespeople can work with you to customize and design for installation in your space. Other types of patio covers, such as stick-built, are constructed on site by our team.

Please remember these are brief introductions to just a few of our products and to contact us directly with any questions about your specific project or interests. We can't wait to hear from you to help you get started on your dream space!

Aluminum Solid Insulated Patio Covers

  • ​superior insulation with insulated core

  • core housed by two heavy gauge aluminum layers

  • complete protection from nature’s elements

  • superior protection from the outdoor heat

  • reduces sound created by heavy rainfall

  • resistant to insect infestation

  • condensation and radiant heat barriers

  • will not rust, warp, crack, or rot

  • supports screen and window enclosures

  • options for gutters and leaf guards

  • supports weight, ceiling fans, and UL electrical raceways

  • low maintenance

  • poly-carbonate materials are impervious to discoloration or cracking

  • filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays

  • transferable lifetime manufacturer warranty

Additional features such as natural light panels and lattice wrap are also available.​

Rhino Solid Metal Patio Covers

  • ideal for patios and carports​

  • provides protections from the sun's ultraviolet rays

  • 3" riser panel designed for added strength and performance

  • spans 25% farther than traditional patio covers

  • superior strength allows covers to be constructed without adding mid-span support beams

  • patented coating process designed to protect from corrosion

  • low maintenance

  • 20-year manufacturer warranty

  • silicone-polyester paint finish, never have to repaint

  • no fading, chipping, chalking, or rusting

Stick-Built Patio Covers

  • custom built and constructed on site

  • created to match existing roofing, siding, gutters, etc

  • built as an extension of your home that looks original to the house

  • sturdy design and incorporation into foundation or existing structure

  • supports electrical

  • can be converted to screen and window enclosures

  • able to be customized more than manufactured styles

Ready to talk about your new patio cover? Contact us to get a free consultation and quote!

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