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Is window replacement expensive?

Expensive is partly in the eye of the beholder, but we think that window replacement is a good value when you consider it as an investment in your home’s value and consider the benefits of smoothly operating and energy efficient windows.

It’s important to note some other things about the cost of replacement windows:

There are some window companies that will offer ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ pricing that sounds great but ends up costing Middle Tennessee homeowners much more in the long run. The lower energy efficiency of these windows, the sloppy installation, and the fact that these windows will need replaced again too soon, means those “inexpensive windows” will actually end up being quite costly.

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Will my windows take long to install?

Not typically. In most cases, we can be done in under one day. Of course, the exact time it will take will depend on how many windows we are replacing and other factors.

In general, once the windows are ordered, it will take a few weeks to get your custom-made windows to arrive. Once they’ve arrived, we’ll schedule a time that works for you and get this done quickly and hassle-free. Then there is nothing left to do but enjoy the benefits of your beautiful, energy efficient windows.

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What maintenance will I have to do on my windows?

Almost none. Unlike other window materials, our high-quality vinyl windows never need scraped, painted, or anything else. The most you’ll have to do is clean them occasionally. The video below shows you how to fix common problems from improperly operating your windows.

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Are your windows energy efficient?

Yes. All our windows are energy efficient.

Also, we offer upgraded options for those who want maximum energy efficiency. You’ll have the choice to upgrade your glass package to the level that suits you.

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What kind of warranty will I get with my replacement windows?

Our Secure-Seal windows come with lifetime warranties. These are proven windows and you’ll get your warranty in writing.

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How can I know I’m making the right decision for window replacement?

What we find is that many Middle Tennessee homeowners are overwhelmed by the amount of claims and window options that are out on the market.

We can’t speak for other Middle Tennessee window replacement companies, but here are four simple, straightforward reasons you can feel confident doing business with us:

  1. We have best-quality, rock-solid vinyl windows that require virtually no maintenance.
  2. We don’t use temporary labor. We have a proven team of professionals who hold to a consistent set of standards for every window installation.
  3. You’ll get a ‘peace-of-mind’ lifetime warranty – IN WRITING.
  4. We’ve been doing this since 1989: we’re the completely proven company that has built an awesome local reputation over the span of a quarter century serving Middle Tennessee.

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