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Easy Tricks to Give New Life to an Old Bathroom

Posted on August 22, 2017

Bathroom Makeovers Clarksville, TN

No matter whether you call it updating, refreshing, making over, or completely rebuilding when it comes time for your bathroom to get a facelift, the task can seem daunting. But bathroom makeovers in Clarksville don't have to be intimidating. Here are a few ideas that can give your bathroom new life in no time.

Hanging Fixtures

Your bathroom may be small, but exchanging the bathtub for a shower pan can add visual space and appeal. Also, replacing the old toilet and sink with a wall-hung version opens space around both. It does remove under sink storage, but the open airiness it adds in visual appeal may be just what you need if your bathroom is small.

Colorful Tile

Older bathrooms often have corner or cubby showers with the standard set-in plastic units. The beige or cream color shower stall walls are unappealing, and it doesn't draw your attention. To spruce up your shower, try a tile mosaic backsplash in earthy colors, and a frameless shower surround or a high-end steam shower. Add color to the wall, and your bathroom's facelift is complete. Not only can it open the hidden shower corner, but it can also draw your attention with the pleasant colors. Bathroom makeovers in Clarksville can take no time at all for your contractor to complete.

Stylish Sinks

Bathroom sinks aren't something you talk about at your latest book club or poker game, but they are something you use each day. Sometimes it feels like you just can't get the sink clean anymore. When that happens, it is time to get a new one. Choose to replace just the sink unit, or swap out the pedestal too. How about adding a frameless mirror surrounded by an eco-friendly backsplash that sits above a floating vanity?

Big Picture

Changing one or two things in your bathroom can save your budget, help you feel less intimidated, and give your bath a huge facelift. Start to breathe life into your old bathroom by contacting your contractor today. They can help you choose which bathroom makeovers in Clarksville are right for you.

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