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5 James Hardie Siding Benefits

Posted January 7, 2019

Nashville James Hardie Siding Contractor

The Siding on your home is exposed to Mother Nature all day, every day, for years. Weather, water, time, fire and pests—all can lead to trouble. That’s why James Hardie’s hardworking products are engineered to stand up beautifully, whatever the elements. When you need to replace your siding, cut through the claims of vinyl and engineered wood and find out why James Hardie Siding is the best siding choice for your home.

Mositure & Rot Resistance

Water can damage your home like nothing else can. It may be gradual, but it is relentless, and can cause siding to swell and crack, lose paint and lead to mold if not properly managed. This is where James Hardie stands out from its competitors. Wood Siding continiously goes through wet and dry cycles causing it to expand, buckle, or crack leaving the walls of your home sucseptible to the elements that your siding should be protecting. James Hardie Siding is specifically engineered to withstand all of the elements and will not fade, rot, or or alter- leaving your home (and everything in it) protected.

Durable Over Time

As the years pass by, we all show our age. But, James Hardie Siding out performs other new siding options because it's made for the demands of your your specific climate saving you time and money from upkeep and maintenance. The classic, true-to-archetecture siding features Color-Plus technology, a baked on color finish that resists fading and will look as brand new every year,and every season.

Fire Protection

In case of a fire, would your wood or vinyl siding protect your family and home while you safetly escape? Wood Siding will only fuel the fire, and vinyl siding will simply melt almost instantly. James Hardie Siding will not ignite directly, of feed a fire. That's why James Hardie Siding is recognized by fire departments nationwide. James Hardie fiber cement siding may also help you save money on your Homeowner's Insurance Policy.

Insusceptible to Pests

Termites, Bees, Squirrels, and Woodpeckers can wreck havoc on some types of siding. Once they penetrate your home's siding, they leave the door wide open for moisture and other pests to enter your home. James Hardie Siding doesn't appeal to pests, and won't be eaten by termites.

Weather Withstanding

Severe weather will test the strength of your home. Hail and blizzards hit hard and fast. Extreme droughts and relentless heat can go on and on. Your choice of siding, along with proper installation, can help your home stand up to these unpredictable elements. James Hardie Siding is designed for the heat and cold of our climate, and resits hail and wind-blown debris.

Whether you feel James Hardie siding is the right choice for your home or not, your siding contractor in Nashville can help you sort out options. Making a series of environmentally-conscious choices today can help preserve your home and make your environment a safer place in the future.

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