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3 Roofing Scams to Watch Out For

Posted February 10, 2016

roofing contractor Nashville, TN

An experienced roofing contractor in Nashville, TN will be able to repair any damage that has occurred to your roof or give you a completely new one. Although there are many reputable companies out there, you need to watch out for contractors who just want to make a quick buck. Research the company and meet with the contractor first before you hand over any money.

Pay a Deposit, Then Nothing

Paying money upfront for a roofing job is fairly common, but if you are dealing with shoddy roofing organization, then you might be paying for nothing. An incredibly common roofing scam is that they ask for a deposit upfront, and then they do not work on your home. You may get all kinds of excuses for why they are delaying the job, but ultimately, once you pay, you should get the work.

Door-to-Door Salespeople

When you are looking to repair or replace your roof, you should do your research online and over the phone to find a contractor that you trust. One typical scam is that someone will go door-to-door to houses with visible damage, and the person will offer to fix it. Never agree to anything and never sign any paperwork. Research is vital, so only hire someone who is known to do great work.

High Pressure Sales

You may come across a company that looks all right, so you schedule a consultation. The contractor comes to your home and offers you a great deal, but you need to sign the paperwork right this instant or else the offer goes away. Never trust these kinds of contractors. It is completely understandable that you should get other offers before agreeing to any one company. Trust a company like Merrell Home Improvement, which guarantees no high sales pressure.

The best course of action is to meet with different people to get a sense of what price is average for your specific job. A first-class roofing contractor in Nashville, TN is waiting for you. You just need to put in the work to find him or her.

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