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NOT Your Typical Home Improvement Company

We’re ‘The Best of the Best’ In Middle Tennessee Home Improvement

About Us

Merrell Home Improvement was founded in 1989 and we’ve always been different than your average home remodeling company. In an industry where many companies struggle from a lack of professionalism and do mediocre work, we have always been true pros who deliver top quality results.

To know more about who we are, just compare us to typical Middle Tennessee Home Improvement companies:

Typical Company: Out of Business In A Few Years Or Less. It’s a fact that the majority of home improvement companies go out of business in 3 years or less. Many companies are not prepared or organized to deliver professional-level results. This causes two problems for homeowners. For one, they get a frustrating experience. And two, if later there is a problem, the company is no longer in business to call to take care of it.

Us: Founded in 1989 – More Than A Quarter Century In Business. We are the steady, reliable home improvement company that always keeps its promises. Homeowners love us because they know they will get top quality results and a professional service experience.

Typical Company: Constantly Revolving Installers. High turnover among installers is a plague in the home improvement industry. Many companies try to save on expenses by bringing in inexperienced or temporary labor. Often companies refuse to invest in higher quality installers and the quality of your results will suffer.

Us: Experienced Professionals. We know how important it is to retain the best installers. Nothing matters more than getting installation done right. Our crews are trained to the highest standards and we retain the best workers.

Typical: No Plan For Quality Control. The truth is that most companies have no built-in quality control standards. Many people are surprised to find that some companies don’t have any clear supervision during the job, and no final sign-off by a quality control expert.

Us: Every Project Has A Final Inspection. We have a lead installer or supervisor in charge of your project. Even more importantly, EVERY project receives a final inspection from a project manager. If he finds something that is done below our high standards, it gets fixed – even if it’s something the homeowner would never notice.

Typical: Products Of Varying Quality. Many companies judge a product on price alone or on what is easiest for them to install. This leads to inferior products being installed.

Us: Carefully Selected Products With Lifetime Warranties. We don’t install inferior products because they will turn into a problem for homeowners in the long run. We recommend proven products that come with lifetime warranties.

We’re The No-Risk, Stress-Free Way To Rock-Solid Results.

There’s a reason we’ve lasted more than a quarter century. We keep our promises to our customers and we always choose quality - ALWAYS.

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