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Foundation Basement

We Repair Foundation Problems & Basement Leaking

Let’s face it. Foundation problems and water in the basement can cause serious long-term problems and impact the value of your home significantly - and not in a good way!

Here is what we can fix permanently and affordably for Middle Tennessee homeowners:

Why Our Foundation Repairs Are Permanent & Reliable

The first thing to understand is that not all foundation problems are the same, and different problems require different solutions. To get permanent and reliable results, you need to hire a contractor that has expertise in analyzing foundations and knows which solution is appropriate.

One kind of problem is vertical settlement (sinking problems). For this we use a technique known as piering or underpinning. This method drives push piers or helical piers into the ground hydraulically. These piers create a rock-solid base of support for your home.

Another common problem is foundation wall cracks. The Reinforcer™ is the best foundation repair solution for this condition. This method uses a carbon fiber strip system. The strips both repair the wall cracks and also stop further problems.

Another issue is bowed basement walls, also known as “buckling wall.” We have a solution for that, too. We repair and stabilize leaning foundation walls using The Force,™ a resistance based steel I-beam system.

Another common problem can be with the soil surrounding a foundation. Our team has the expertise to properly analyze the soil around your home and know how it affects your home’s structural integrity.

The bottom line is this: if you want a Middle Tennessee contractor who can properly identify and fix foundation cracks, bowing, and other problems, Merrell Home Improvement has the expertise.

Then, after we do our thorough analysis, we use exclusive, patented foundation repair products to fix the problem permanently.

Waterproof Basements

Damp, leaky basements aren’t fun to deal with. Water can cause health risks from mold and mildew, it causes damage to your basement and personal property, and it can prevent homeowners from finishing their basement.

We waterproof Middle Tennessee basements using reliable sump pumps and top-quality de-humidifiers. Our solutions are designed to stand the test of time.

We also offer the No Water System® interior basement waterproofing system. This is the best solution for wet, leaky, or flooded basements and was developed over decades of testing and experience. Many basement waterproofing systems clog but this one will not. It also comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

For a clean, dry, healthy basement area that keeps moisture out, Merrell Home Improvement has the best solutions!

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Do you have a dirty, wet crawl space? If you do, you already know it turns what should be useable space into something you don’t even want to go near.

But we have the solution: Crawlspace Encapsulation for Middle Tennessee homes. It transforms crawlspaces from nasty and smelly to clean and useable.

Our method is to seal the area with a heavy duty vapor barrier called WhiteCap. This plastic liner is full protection from the outdoor elements. Besides keeping the area clean, it also will help reduce energy usage and improve air quality.

This liner is available in two heavy duty mil thicknesses and keeps dirt, mold, bugs and critters out.

Also, we offer additional options for maximum protection, including spray foam insulation and crawl space dehumidifiers.

Trusted & Proven

There is a problem with some Middle Tennessee contractors who offer foundation repairs and basement waterproofing. Many who say they offer these services don’t really have the necessary training and experience to deliver reliable, permanent solutions.

Some of these “contractors” don’t even have proper licensing and insurance!

All of those concerns are completely eliminated with Merrell Home Improvement. We’ve been in business for more than a quarter century, we are A+ Rated with the BBB, and we are fully licensed and insured.

The foundation of your home is too important to risk to an unproven contractor.

Free Foundation & Basement Analysis, No-Risk & No Obligation

Take the next, no-risk step and call us to schedule a free consultation for your foundation and basement. We can do a thorough assessment and tell you exactly where you stand and what we recommend.

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