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Additions & Remodeling FAQs

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How much will this cost?

The size and scope of additions and remodels vary so much that we can’t give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

But we do understand that price is always a factor, especially on larger home improvements like additions and remodels. So here are a few things about price that are good to know:

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Will you have the lowest price compared to other Middle Tennessee remodeling and addition companies?

Our experience is that with any home improvement, you can always find someone willing to quote a lower price. There are so many one-person operations and small contractors that don’t have the necessary expertise to complete a substantial remodel or addition that this can turn into headaches for the homeowner.

These contractors end up quoting too low. This forces them to use inferior materials or go out of business. Either way, you get stuck with a problem.

So when you consider quotes, think about this: just like you wouldn’t automatically buy the cheapest car on the lot, you don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest quote on your addition or remodel. A sloppily installed remodel or addition with inferior products is no bargain.

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Who will do the construction of my addition or installation?

Our very experienced, friendly installation team. We have the most professional team of expert installers in Middle Tennessee home improvement. We pay them better and treat them better and it has allowed us to build a superior team.

Instead of the high turnover that plagues the home improvement industry, we have the best installers stay with us.

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Who will be in charge of my project?

Good question, because many times a remodeler does not have anyone ultimately accountable for the project. They will have sub-contractor after sub-contractor entering your home with little or no supervision.

With us, every project has a lead installer/supervisor. Also, every project receives a final inspection from a project manager. If he finds something that is done below our high standards, it gets fixed – immediately.

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Are you an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes we are. In fact, we have their highest rating: A+. Finding a credible, proven, and professional company is crucial for a successful remodeling and addition projects. These projects are too complex to risk with unproven contractor.

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